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Autonomous Surveillance Camera 6 months duration

Autonomous Surveillance Camera 6 months duration

3 Motion Sensors

Night Vision

Invisible LEDs

6 months of Autonomy

Ideal for outdoors

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239,90 €
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This is one of the best and most complete cameras that has come to our store. It is the only camera on the market that has three motion sensors and its battery capacity is impressive. The battery lasts up to 6 months without having to charge it and works with SD cards up to 32GB. It is important to know that it does not detect flow through crystals.

Has completely dark visualization thanks to the blue Leds that are 100% invisible to the human eye. That is, it records every time you see activity and at night emits a beam of light that is not visible to the human eye.

Can be programmed all from the menu of the same camera, we can tell you that when motion detects video recording for 30 seconds or 40 or 50... whatever we want. If we prefer we can tell him to take pictures. It can also be programmed to run only from one hour to a certain time. As stated above, this camera is very complete.

We have created a manual in Spanish, which we enclose in your purchase, which explains the operation and how all functions are activated. It's the perfect surveillance system for any situation.

The distance to which you can record is, according to the instruction manual, up to 20 meters, but in the field and in full darkness, if we want to see the face of the person, it is not advisable to put it more than 10 meters.

The camera is external indoor and has a quality of 12 megapixels per interpolation. On a 4GB SD card you can record approximately more than 2500 photographs and about 300 videos of about 30 seconds. It comes prepared to leave it in the field and withstands without problems the rain, snow, heat,....

Also thanks to its 3 motion sensors immediately detect the offender and will be recorded when he goes through the target. Although it is completely dark infrared will act to capture the image (makes night photos without flash to not attract attention)

This camera is also ideal as a video surveillance system for home, burglary in country houses, farms, preserves, land, where we suspect that something is happening but we can not know what it is. Place this camera in a tree (we include an installation tape) and Enfóquela to the point where you want it to be recorded. We can assure you that you will find the solution to your problems by the sharpness of this camera surveillance kit without cables.

This autonomous camera is being used a lot for surveillance of hunting grounds and its effectiveness to record people and animals is impressive.

The camera system security surveillance works with 4 AA batteries (not included) that will give you a 3 month standby duration. We can add 4 additional AA batteries that will make the duration of up to 6 months.

Withstands extreme temperatures of both cold and heat and is submersible not affected by rain.

Once recorded the images or videos can be viewed directly from the LCD screen that incorporates the camera or we can see the images directly on our computer or well, and thanks to the AV cable attached, you can see the images Directly on your TV. Remember that outdoor night hunting cameras do not recommend that they be visualized live by web because of their low coverage and their difficulty with their configuration.

Is very easy to use thanks to the manual in Spanish that we have done exclusively.

I attached two photos made with this camera plundering in-Franganti the Falcon (look at the photos of the product)

Main features surveillance cameras

  • High quality 12 megapixel images (2560X1920PPP). If you want you can be inferior (programmable)
  • High resolution video 1280x720p/640X480PPP at 20 fps/320x240ppp at 20 fps
  • Reduced size
  • 3 Built-in motion sensors
  • Shooting speed of a second
  • Programmable video duration from 1 to 60 seconds
  • Lens F = 3.1; FOV = 52º/Auto IR-Cut
  • Flash 2 PIR (infrared)
  • Scope of Flash 20m. (at less than +25 º C)
  • Angle of reach 35 º each flash
  • Screen TFT display 48x 35.69 mm (2.36 ")
  • 16.7 m Color
  • Control Panel 6 keys
  • Battery life up to 6 months
  • Night Vision
  • SD Card Slot
  • SD Cards accepted (4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB)
  • Operability day/night
  • Protection of the camera by password to enter in the menu
  • Is stamped the time and date of recording and temperature
  • You can see the images on TV (we include the cable)
  • Function of Time lapse (newspaper shot Proramal between 1 second and 24 hours)
  • Manual in Spanish
  • Cables for visualization
  • Video Compatible with allsystems

Specifications Wireless Surveillance cameras

  • Color: Green camouflage ideal for farms, countryside and preserves
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Resolution PHOTOS: 2560x1920 (5MP)/4000x3000 (12 Mp)
  • Multishot of up to 3 photographs
  • Format Videos: AVI
  • Resolution Videos: 1280x720 @ 20fps
  • Viewing angle: 54 º
  • Built-in display: 2.34 "TFT LCD
  • Memory: Supports SD memory Card up to 32GB (not included)
  • Night vision: incorporates 25 LEDs
  • IR Range: 12 m
  • Dimensions: 13.3 cm x 8.4 cm x 4.8 cm
  • Weight: 171 grams

Package Contents External surveillance camera Kit

  • 1 x Camouflage Camera
  • 1 x A/V Cable for TV
  • 1 x Support tape and installation to adhere to trees, Farólas,...
  • 1 x Manual Exclusive in Spanish

Note: Remember that this outdoor independent surveillance recorder works with 4 or 8 AA batteries that are not included. We also recommend that you buy the camera with SD card included because there are many different brands and classes. The SD card class should be Class 4. If you buy from us the card will leave and we will send it already tested and inserted into the slot of the camera.

Video Resolution: 1280x720
Graba Audio y Video Conjuntamente SI
Frames per second video: 30FPS
Video Format: AVI
Visión Nocturna SI
Visual angle of the pictures: 60 grados
Grabación Programable: SI
Grabación Cíclica Seleccionable
Grabación Continua: NO
Función Detección de Movimiento SI
Toma Fotografias SI
Photograph format: JPG
Grabación por Detección de Sonido: NO
Tipo de Tarjeta Memoria: Memoria SD
Memory: Soporta Tarjetas SD de hasta 32GB
Includes lithium battery recharges automatically when connected to PC USB: SI
Autonomía Batería Aproximada: Varios Días
Graba Conectado a la Corriente: NO
Estampación de Fecha y Hora en los Videos SI
Operating Systems: Todos
Product Height (mm): 13,3 cm
Product Width (mm): 8,4 cm
Product depth (mm): 4,8 cm
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