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USB 10 Meters Submersible Endoscopic Camera

USB 10 Meters Submersible Endoscopic Camera

Real-time images

Direct recording on PC

Vision in total darkness

Dimmable Lighting

1.5 cm. in diameter

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Today we have the pleasure of offering you an aid for those "different" situations, even for the work that is, even as if it is alien to this profession. 

This endoscopic camera or USB endoscope can have as many uses as you want, because it is a state-of-the-art model and allows it to be easily manipulated by very small or difficult to access spaces. Record images with a resolution of 640x480 pixels, while for it to work, we will only have to connect its USB socket to our computer, so simple and practical, goodbye to memory cards and batteries, everything will be stored directly in the Computer.

You will have up to 10 meters of cable with which to be able to record video and take the snapshots that you need, even if it is underwater or it is completely at night, since it is submersible and also incorporates 4 LEDs. Do you need it?

Main features endoscopic USB camera

  • 10 meters Cable
  • Supereasy to install (no need to call anyone)
  • Records Video directly on your computer
  • Takes pictures directly on your computer
  • 4 LEDs dimmable in intensity
  • Submersible
  • Camera 1.5 cm diameter

Specifications USB Endoscope

  • Sensor: 1/6 CMOS
  • Color: 24 bits color
  • Resolution: 640x480
  • Viewing angle: 62 º
  • LED: 4 White LEDs
  • USB Cable: 10 meters

Contents of the USB Endoscopic camera package

  • 1x USB 10 meters Endoscopic camera
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Frequently asked Questions endoscopic camera

How does the endoscopic camera work? Is it easy to use this USB endoscope camera? Indeed it is very easy to use, we only have to download from this tab The software program, connect the micro camera to the USB and we will see in the program what focuses the lens automatically.

Can be recorded from this USB endoscope? You can record from your computer with the software you have downloaded, look at the program options and see how you can make recordings and save them on your computer's hard drive.

How to make a USB endoscopic camera? If you have a webcam with an elongated and thin cable maybe you can do it yourself, if not, then we advise you to buy this device.

Do you have an endoscopic camera with a monitor? The screen is the computer, any laptop you can connect and download the software we have here to see and record live.

Frames per second video: 30FPS
Video Resolution: 640x480
Graba Audio y Video Conjuntamente Solo Video
Video Format: AVI
Visión Nocturna SI
Visual angle of the pictures: 62º
Grabación Cíclica No especificado por fabricante
Grabación Programable: NO
Grabación Continua: SI
Función Detección de Movimiento NO
Toma Fotografias SI
Photograph format: JPG
Grabación por Detección de Sonido: NO
Tipo de Tarjeta Memoria: Memoria Interna
Includes lithium battery recharges automatically when connected to PC USB: SI
Graba Conectado a la Corriente: SI
Operating Systems: Windows
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