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Care for family members at home

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Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items

Spy Cameras and Devices that can be used to care for our loved ones

For work reasons many people can not take care of family members who are in their care as they are elderly or with some kind of disease that makes them unable to fend for themselves. So they need to hire assistance or home help from a person they do not know to care for their family member. If you need to know what they do and how they care for your family member, we recommend the following specialized spy cameras to capture these situations.

The most normal thing is that the person we have hired is a professional and treats our father or mother perfectly. The problem is when we have any suspicion that something is happening. The first thing we recommend is that we inform ourselves where the person we have hired worked and ask for references from him or her. If we still have doubts, here in this section, we have placed cameras and sound recorders that will help us to keep an eye on our house. They can be live cameras, that is, we can see from our own mobile, or cameras in which all recordings will be recorded on a microsd card, and so, later when we get home, we can see them on our screen. computer and see what happened in the time the recording lasted.

Hidden cameras usually have limited autonomy, although there are some that can be connected to the current and give us all the autonomy we need. That is a fact to take into account, remove it. The recorders of sound usually have a much greater autonomy, because when not consuming image, the consumption of the autonomy is smaller and therefore we will be able to record above the 10 hours generally.

Many of our customers call us to ask us for advice on the most appropriate device, this is an option you can always take, we know all the devices in our store, more than 200 references, and each product has a number of different characteristics from each other If you want to call us or write us we will be happy to offer you free advice without any commitment.

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