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Caring for children / Guarding nanny

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Showing 1 - 12 of 59 items

Spy Camera for Nannies

Not all parents can be at home to take care of their children. On many occasions you have to end up hiring a nanny. It is not a bad choice, the truth is that there are professionals who can help you in this task, offering your children all the attention that you can not give them at any given time, either during the day or even at night. In the face of this decision, doubts always arise will you be a good nanny? Will you behave well with my children? In we have a series of devices that can help you solve these doubts. We show you surveillance cameras for babies that will show you what's going on at home from the moment you walk out the door.

Before you buy a baby surveillance camera

Whether you want the baby watch camera to control your child while you are at home, as if you want to use it to watch the babysitter, you must take the decision calmly. The truth is that there are a lot of devices that can help you. The offer on the market is very wide, and not all spy devices have the same characteristics. Therefore, always check the product card of the surveillance cameras or hidden cameras before making a decision.

Hidden or visible cameras

For starters, a surveillance camera can be visible or not. In case you want to watch your baby, but also the behavior of the nanny, you must bet on hidden cameras. This type of cameras can be inserted into any type of object and are imperceptible. The spy cameras are not detectable at first sight, so you will be able to see the nanny's behavior in a discreet way.

A visible camera may allow you to monitor your child while you are in another part of the house. However, these devices will not be hidden, so any other person will be able to know exactly where they are.

Hidden cameras to watch the nanny

The cameras to watch the baby can be very discreet. Hidden surveillance cameras for the house are an ideal option to monitor our baby ourselves or to see what the nanny does if we are not at home. One of the best recommendations are the cameras that integrate into everyday elements, like the spy camera Wifi 3g/4g HD Live. This camera has a viewing angle of 160 º, is programmable, has night vision and looks like a table clock.

What is the best surveillance camera for babies?

The options in are many. However, as professionals with more than 8 years in the sector, we can recommend some models above others. For example, one of the most successful products is the spy coat rack with motion detection. In addition to all its features (such as video and audio recording, motion detection and the quality of your lens), we are facing a very subtle product. It is an object that you can place in any part of the house, always looking a conventional hook or coat.

Another really interesting option in this of the cameras to watch the nanny is the model of digital smoke detector HD spy. At first glance it is a smoke detector, so no one could suspect that inside there is a lens capable of recording even at night.

If you want a product with more features yet, you have the option of the Mini 24 hour wireless HD camera. It is a camera that can record more than 24 hours with a single load, even recording continuously. It also has night vision, motion and sound detection and is programmable.

Where to buy a baby surveillance camera?

If you are looking for a baby watch camera and to see how your child's babysitter behaves, at we have what you are looking for.

We have an experience of more than 8 years in the sector. In addition, we like to try each of our products, so the quality of them is more than insured.

You can buy comfortably from home, through our page. Shipments are made in the following 24/48 hours after purchase. Also, if you prefer, you can call us by phone at 966 410 611. We will attend and advise suggesting the devices that best suit what you are looking for.

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