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Scratch the car

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Camera Hidden Car because I have scratched it

We received many messages like this client who contacted us the other day by mail and requested us the following: "I would like to install a hidden camera in the parking lot of my house, as vandalism is frequent in vehicles, such as breakage of pilots, scratches on the body, deflated or punctured wheels, etc. and I would like to monitor the condition of my vehicle and identify the vandals. "

If you are scratching the car, you are graffitiing it, you are puncturing the wheels or they are damaging you in some way or another, these are our specific cameras recommended to capture the offender. Most of them have built-in a cigarette lighter charger to connect to our car and so do not run out of our camera's battery.

This guide is developed by the technical team of and is designed for all those people who are suffering from vandals, scratches, scratches, wheel punctures, ... in your car.

All car cameras are in the section corresponding to the previous link, there you can Find all the cameras that can be located in the vehicles and are suitable for it. You will find from the surveillance cameras for cheap cars to others that go up more price and have different characteristics.

Having a camera recording car can be highly recommended for when it is parked in our garage or parking and also can also be used for when we circulate, so we can make an intensive use of it. A cheap car alarm can also be compatible with a surveillance system to scare away the possible thief, but it will not be effective in case of car scratches.

If your intention is to have a spy camera for car here you can find several alternatives but before we want to give you some tips that you should not overlook, because without them you can lose money and your time.

First you must have a series of clear concepts to know which camera to choose:

A) Car Lighter

The first thing that you will need to know is if when your car is disconnected, that is, when you remove the ignition key, your car lighter is still working. You can check this by plugging in a mobile phone, for example.

YES: If it continues to work then perfect we already have something in our favor. Do not worry about the battery of our car, it will hold us without problems all night. We and all our customers have tested it in our car all night and there is nobody who has run out of battery.

NO: If your car when the key is disconnected does not provide power through the lighter you have several options.

You can go to the workshop and ask them to modify it so that it keeps working.

Or you can buy a camera that lasts throughout the night, that is, more than 8 hours of battery.

In this case you have several options:

  • Mini Security Camera HD
  • Mini Camera 160º HD Great View Angle
  • 24h HD Night Vision Camera
  • Mini Camera 8 hours of Continuous Recording
  • HD Wifi camera 8 hours autonomy

Sometimes we are asked for a car camera wifi pair so visualize it from your own mobile, or to warn you when it detects movement or just scratch the car. The problem is that in the garages the wifi usually does not arrive, therefore, depending on your parking situation of the car, it may be useful or not. Before buying anything, check if you get a signal from your wifi router in the place you park it.

If your idea is to record for about 4-6 hours continuously, you have this option:

  • Mini Black DV Camera with Motion Detection
  • PowerCam HD Night Vision

B) Night Vision

It is important to know if there is enough light in the place where the car is parked so that the camera catches the face of the criminal. In a garage usually the lights are activated when they detect movement or the push button is pressed, so, the most normal thing is that the offender acts when or the lights are off.

Therefore, if there is not enough light, the ideal is to have a camera that has infrared invisible to the human eye, that is, that activate when there is no light but that is not turn on so that the offender does not realize.

In this case the recommended camera, for its quantity of night leds, 48 ​​leds, would be the Surveillance Camera 6 months of duration , which can be found in camouflage color or black color that would be ideal for cars. It is important that you keep in mind that these cameras should be placed on the outside focusing on the vehicle, because if they are placed inside the car, the infrared will bounce off the windows of the cars and will not pierce the night vision.

Other cameras with night vision, although with fewer LEDs, are the 1080p Car Camera with night vision , Mini hidden camera blackbox car , Mini Camera QQ5 FullHD 170º and lastly but no less important is the 24h HD Night Vision Camera

C) Camera 360 degrees for car

There are no cameras that can record 360 degrees, that is, all angles of the car with only one camera. For this you have two options, the first is that you put several cameras to cover the total angles. And the second, the most effective, we think, is to place a camera on the outside that focuses directly on your car. If you have a balcony or window, from your home, and you can focus on your car, it would be a highly recommended option.

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