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Sound Detection Cameras

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items

Cameras with Voice or Loudness Detection

These special cameras are equipped with the sound detection mode, that is, they are capable of recording when they hear a sound greater than x decibels. Depending on each specific camera, they will record for a certain time only when they detect sound so the battery consumption will be lower. Once that recording time has elapsed, a video file will be generated, usually AVI, and the device will be put back into sound detection, recording another video again when it detects a noise higher than the decibels determined by the camera or that we have programmed. / p>

In some cameras the level of sound detection is unique and we can not modify it, in other articles we can vary the level of detection by making it record when you hear more or less sound.

In addition to the cameras we have also wanted to include other devices that are capable of activating when they detect hum, voices, shouting, riots, ...

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