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Motion Detection Cameras

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Showing 1 - 12 of 56 items

Spy camouflaged cameras with motion detection

These cameras will record Video and Audio synchronously when they detect movement. They usually record videos of 1 or 2 minutes each time they detect movement. They save more battery than if they were recording continuously although most have almost the same autonomy as if they were recording continuously. This is because when the motion sensor is activated, the camera is turned on and the motion detector is also active, therefore the battery consumption is practically the same as if it were recording continuously.

Yes, this mode has a very important advantage with respect to the recording mode continuously, and that is that the surveillance cameras with motion sensor that will save us is recording space in the memory cards, this is because it will only record us when they detect movement, so therefore if we want to leave it for a day and the angle that the camera covers is a space where little movement occurs this type of cameras is the ideal for our case.

Spy camouflaged cameras with motion sensor usually have a single level of sensitivity, therefore react to sudden changes and changes in the environment, both at the level of movement and light level. For example, imagine that we put the camera in a bedroom where there is a window and there are changes of light on the outside, either because it gets dark, dawn or there are simply shadows or changes of light due to the different clouds, in general, the camera detector movement will be activated and will be recorded, even if it is a change of light. It is important that these aspects are taken into account so that we are clear about how a motion detector camera works.

There are other surveillance cameras that have several levels of sensitivity, usually, there are usually 3 different types of motion sensor: high, medium, low. When modifying these values, the motion sensor will jump when it detects more or less movement. This can be useful in certain circumstances and must be taken into account.

A surveillance camera activated by a very effective motion sensor is the reference of our catalogo 12012, a camera with 3 motion sensors, one central and two lateral, to record only when there is movement.

It is also important to differentiate between volumetric detectors and motion sensors, they are totally different things and until now there are no camouflaged spy cameras that integrate the volumetric detectors.

Here we show you an example of an autonomous motion detector camera which is one of its recording modes among others:

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