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Micro SD card 4GB
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The Micro SD 4GB Card is ideal for placing in hidden cameras or spy cameras. These cards have been tested with the cameras that we sell in our online spy store and they work correctly.

We can not tell you the recording hours you will have with this microsd card because this will depend to a large extent on the resolution of the images, you know, that the higher the video resolution, the more space it will occupy on our card.

Main Features Micro SD Memory 4GB

  • Standardized: Complies with SD specifications Version 2.0
  • File Format: FAT32
  • Operating Temperatures: -25ºC to 85ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -40ºC to 85ºC
  • Variable Marks: Depending on the spy camera you buy, we will send you one brand or another. Because depending on the spy product, one brand is more appropriate than another. It is important to highlight that not all models and brands work correctly with certain cameras, that is why we make sure they work correctly.
  • Weight: 1.4 grams

Package Contents to Send Micro SD 4gb

  • Micro SD Memory Card 4GB in Blister

User Questions about Micro SD Card 4GB

Is the micro SD card 4gb class 10 the most appropriate for spy cameras? It will depend on the hidden camera that you have or have bought. In many occasions having a class 4 card is more than enough therefore it is not necessary to be class 10. Even in some cases this type of class is not recommended for micro SD 4gb cards because some cameras do not support them.

Is the micro SD card 4gb Sony the best one there is today? No, it's not the best, it's just another brand, such as Samsung, transcend, sandisk, toshiba, kingston, ... In principle, they should all work correctly on your hidden camera. acquire

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