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Hidden Cameras 720p HD Ready

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Hidden Cameras HD 720

HD Ready or 720p recording. These cameras, after 1080p quality, are the ones with the best image quality they have today. They have an exceptional quality and we can use them to perfectly distinguish that person who is stealing or annoying the car.

What is hd ready? It is the image resolution at 1280x720p, that is, there are 1280 horizontal lines by 720 vertical lines and these are related to each other in a progressive way. Speaking differently, it is a very good quality that will give us clarity in our recordings.

The difference with higher resolutions is that with this quality we will have a very good compensation regarding busy size and recording quality. Recordings made with mini spy cameras are usually saved on a microsd memory card. The higher the resolution, the greater the card capacity we will need.

For viewing HD recordings made with this kind of configuration and resolution, with a monitor up to 40 inches we can see it very well.

Our team always advises this resolution 1280x720p because it is the one we like the most, giving an excellent recording quality.

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