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High Definition Cameras

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Showing 1 - 12 of 69 items

Characteristics High Definition Spy Cameras

Section dedicated to cameras that record in HD, some record in FullHD 1080p and others record in HD Ready 720p. We also have another subcategory that are cameras that in addition to recording in FullHD or HD Ready also have H264 format, these cameras are those that have better recording quality and also those with less memory space. The H264 are the most recommended in case that what we are looking for is the best possible quality in a matter of hidden cameras is concerned.

Here we will find products such as wrist watches, desk clocks, pens, key rings, lighters, coat racks, spy cameras for cars, special surveillance cameras, as well as micro cameras and mini cameras that record us in high definition. You can sort them by price, indicating the cheapest ones first, generally those that record at 1280x720 can be cheaper than those that record at FullHD

We are currently starting to sell 2K spy cameras which gives us sensational quality. We must bear in mind that the camouflaged cameras do not have a varifocal lens, but their quality is still fantastic, as you can see in the recording videos that we have exposed in each of our spy products.

An important aspect is that when recording in this quality we will usually occupy more space in the memory of the device, therefore we recommend that the memory cards we are going to use are larger than 32GB, generally 64 or 128GB is a good capacity. There is an exception and it is as we said before that the camera has the H264 compression, in this case the recordings do not occupy so much memory space. In any case it is important that you read in the tab of each product how much space the recordings occupy, so we can correctly choose the memory card capacity we need.

In recent years we are also incorporating mini espia wifi cameras with which we can see with great quality and totally live and direct from our smartphone and from anywhere in the world.

If you want the best definition for your recordings, we recommend that you see these special cameras.

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