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Car Cameras

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Showing 1 - 15 of 23 items

Camera for car or car, watch what you do

Are you looking for a surveillance camera for cars? In this category we place the security cameras for cars and we can find from cheap cameras that can be used to have our vehicle monitored, to car cameras of a higher price with more advanced features that will serve us to have better recording quality as well as higher autonomy. Some of the guidelines that we must take into account if we are looking for surveillance cameras for cars are the following:

If the garage or street where you park your car has enough light and the lighter of your car works with the car off, we recommend the Mini Black DV Camera with Motion Detection with which you will have about 4 hours of autonomy and for a cheap price, or Mini Security Camera HD with which we will have about 10 hours of autonomy. If we need more autonomy, for example, have a car camera that has 24 hours of autonomy and has night vision, we can see one of THE BEST CAR CAMERAS that exists in the market that is the CAMERA OF SURVEILLANCE FOR CAR 24H. WITH NOCTURNAL VISION .

All the cameras we have for the car have built-in dvr, in this case the dvr is integrated in the camera itself and the recordings will be made with a microsd memory card, in most cases up to 128GB capacity.

From the previous device we can speak wonders, and can be used either as a car camera or as a camera to place it in our business or home. It can be used for many different uses. It is a car camera continuous recording, motion detection, sound detection, ...

If you have enough light but your car lighter does NOT work with the car off, we recommend a camera that has more than 8 hours of battery power, like the Mini Security Camera HD .

If your parking spot is not illuminated, we recommend a camera with LEDs to record in the dark, such as the Autonomous Black Vigilance Camera 6 months duration (with a lot of battery and a lot of LEDs, but that must be placed outside the car to detect movement).

It is important that we determine if we want the camera to monitor our vehicle when it is parked or we need it as a camera to record accidents, since they are two different things, both are cameras for the interior of the car but their functions are different.

Usually the cameras for surveillance of our vehicle when we have it parked will also serve as a camera to record while we circulate, while the cameras for cars to record only while we drive are usually cameras that are manufactured for that, that is, they have a battery of about 15 minutes and they are made to connect them to the 12V socket of the car while we drive.

This type of car video cameras, if we want to use them as security cameras to control when our vehicle is parked, we would have to connect them to the current of our car with the usual problem that when we remove the ignition key and we close the car, generally, everything connected to it is deactivated.

It is also usual to ask the questions of motion detection, that is, usually and when it is the first time you want to acquire a car recording camera, you tend to think that if the device is put into operation of motion detection, this will only record us when it detects movement. Effectively this is true, but the battery consumption is usually the same as if you were recording continuously, the good thing about this mode is that we will save space on the memory card, which will only capture the moments in which it detects movement and In addition to taking up less space on the memory card, it will be easier to view the captured videos later.

Any questions you have about car cameras simply have to pick up the phone and call us at our landline in Alicante (Spain), the phone is located at the top, please call us. We will give you free advice, whether you buy us or if you do not, we will inform you of everything we know and how we can help you.

Car Camera

This camera is the most complete we have to place it in the vehicle. It has night vision, motion detection, sound detection, 160 degrees of viewing angle, etc ... take a look at it

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