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Car Cameras


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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items

Car surveillance cameras

If you are looking for a car surveillance camera, in this section you will find an ample catalogue of options. Yes, in we have a wide variety of security cameras for cars, being able to find from the most economical cameras, to keep an eye on our vehicle, even the most sophisticated, with more advanced features that will give us a High recording quality and a lot of autonomy.

Which car surveillance camera to choose?

There are several guidelines that we have to keep in mind when we search for car surveillance cameras.

  • Surveillance cameras for cars connected to the vehicle lighter

To begin with, it will be important to know the light that we have in the place where we normally park the vehicle. If this light is sufficient, and the car lighter works with the engine off, we can recommend models like the Spy Cam with which you will have a autonomy of 9 hours. You can also use the Mini HD security camera, which has an autonomy of 10 hours.

It is quite common for our customers to look for surveillance equipment with more autonomy. For is not a problem; And we also have spy devices with up to 24 hours of autonomy and night vision. This is the case of one of the best car cameras currently on the market, the surveillance camera for 24h car. Night Vision.

  • Surveillance cameras for cars not connected to the vehicle lighter

If the place where you normally park your vehicle has enough light, but your car burner does not work with the engine off, we can recommend other models with autonomy of up to 8 hours. A good example is the Mini HD security camera, with an autonomy of 10 hours of continuous recording. These models are placed inside the vehicle.

  • Surveillance cameras for cars in dimly lit areas

If the place where you normally park your vehicle has no good light, we can recommend cameras with LED technology. These cameras will record no problem in the dark. For example, a good product would be the autonomous surveillance camera 6 months long. This model has a lot of battery, however, like many other models, it must be placed on the outside of the car to detect the movement.

This is an important point to think about if we want our car surveillance camera to be installed inside or outside the vehicle. All our products have a tab where you can see these and other features.

  • Car cameras with built-in DVR

All car surveillance cameras carry built-in DVR. You have to know that in this type of spy products, the DVR is integrated into the camera itself and that the recordings will be made with micro SD memory card. In most cases, these memory cards have up to 128 GB of capacity, more than enough for our device.

  • Spy cameras for cars, recording in motion or parked

One of the most important questions when choosing a car surveillance camera is if we want this camera to watch when the vehicle is parked, or even if we also need to record it in motion. The recording option during movement is quite interesting to record accidents.

Normally, the cameras to monitor a vehicle we have parked, also serve as a camera to record while circulating. On the other hand, the surveillance cameras of a moving car will be a little more expensive. The latter are manufactured exclusively for this function. They have a battery of about 15 minutes, because they are made to connect them to the 12v socket of the car while circulating.

Taking into account these features, we can see that the second cameras will need to be connected always to the outlet of our lighter. If our vehicle has a lighter that does not work when the engine is off, we will not be able to use these surveillance cameras when the vehicle is parked.

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