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Spy Camera Clock

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Record Desk Clock with Camera

These watches are ideal to place in House, Office, ... The most important feature of these watches are the long life of the battery and that most have the function of motion detection. Some alarm clocks can last up to 24 hours in continuous recording and if we use the motion detection function then they can last for days of recording.

An additional function that only some of the spy clocks have is that in addition to having a hidden camera inside, they can also have an alarm so that it can be used as a desk clock with alarm. This function can be very interesting for several reasons, one of them is that it will help us to wake up and another is that it will not call attention to the person we want to record, since when used as a normal and ordinary alarm clock the other person will not suspect absolute. Not all desktop clocks have this function so it is important that when you get into the product card in its features see if we put that has this function.

Another of its features is that it will also serve as a digital clock for desktop, with which we can know the current time and minutes. It works with a rechargeable battery but we can also have it permanently connected to the current. When making recordings comes with a remote control with which we can order your recording functions. In the case of wifi or ip watches, the remote control itself will be the free application that we can download from the app store or google play.

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