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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items

Spy articles: The secret lies in knowing how to choose

In this category we include another type of Spy Devices without integrated camera, these are ideal as spy accessories. Here you will find some spy objects that do not have a camera but can be used as an additional complement to our cameras.

There are several spy things that we can use and they do not have to have a built-in camera, such as voice or sound recorders, GPS positioning systems, accessories and other types of spyware.

Some of the spy articles that our customers request the most is not a specific product, but what they usually look for are espionage articles that no one can know they are spying on. In this case, a very good quality-discretion product are spyware as voice recorders. They will give us a high autonomy and the quality of the micro is excellent, much better than the hidden cameras.

Many of our clients look for things of spies for children, generally to have them controlled and see what they do at the moment they are not with them, sometimes this can be very useful to know where they are at a certain moment, well to know with whom they speak, well to know if they are or not in the certain and other many situations that can be given. The espionage articles are demanded by the users for the information that can provide us a functional element being also spy articles.

In our spy shop we specialize in spy products more related to hidden cameras because the ideal is to have a visible proof of what happens. The biggest problem with the hidden cameras is that they consume enough battery, we must bear in mind that if you record so much image as sound the battery will hold us less than if for example we had a hidden sound recorder. To give an example of battery consumption we are going to assume a pendrive, of the usual measures, while if it has an image and sound the battery will hold us for about 1 hour, on a pendrive with sound recorder it will hold us for about 15 hours. But that's not all, the consumption of memory card is much less if we record only sound, so with an 8GB card will be more than enough to have tens of hours recorded, while with a spy camera with a card that We will have the same capacity for approximately 4 hours.

Ideally, you should review our espionage articles and spy things that we have in our online store and thus decide which can be the most efficient for your specific case. And if you have any questions or want advice, you should only call us at our telephone or write us an email and we will answer you, without any commitment on your part, to all the answers you need with the kindness that is required.

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