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Mini and Micro Spy Cameras

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Showing 1 - 12 of 64 items

Buy the ideal mini camera for me. Spies in the shade.

Discover the best MICROCAMARAS and the largest CATALOG of MINICAMARAS on the Internet. You can get it already in a hidden object or just the lens itself and make your spy camera ideal depending on where you want to place it.

A mini camera is not only composed of the lens, it is attached to a motherboard with its corresponding connection cables and inside it carries the necessary chips to make it work. It also carries the connectors and the DVR recorder where the recordings will be made, usually through microSD cards, which are the smallest that exist, ideal for these spy devices. Therefore, although we will only see a small hole in a spy camera, less than one centimeter, this does not mean that it is only composed of this lens, but behind it there are endless mechanisms, and without them it would be impossible make it work.

We must take into account one very important thing when buying our hidden video surveillance camcorder and not only look at the price; the smaller the set of the mini-camera (we are not referring only to the lens but the whole itself), less recording autonomy we will have. Although a priori this is logical to know not everyone takes it into account, so we consider it very important for beginners in the world of small cameras. We must understand that the smaller the size of the device, the lower the battery will be, and therefore the less battery life we ​​will have, therefore, it is extremely important that we take it into account. Within each product card the autonomy time is described, which is a factor that must be taken into account when buying the camera.

There are some micro cameras, or cam spy or hidden cam, as some call them, that have the possibility of functioning connected to the current, therefore, with these we will have unlimited autonomy, an important aspect in some occasions that we want to leave during enough time recording our mini video camera.

Another factor why our clients, in general, tend to have a wrong concept is in the detection of movement versus autonomy. In general, we tend to understand that if it is set by motion detection and only records when it detects movement we will have a lot of recording time even if the device tells us that it has 1 hour of autonomy for example. Well, we're sorry to tell you that this, unfortunately, is not like that. The spy cameras that have motion detection consume, in general, practically the same as if they were recording, that is, if we leave it by motion detection and even only record 1 or 2 times when it detects movement, we will have the same time autonomy as if you were recording continuously, even when the video recorded by motion detection is only 5 minutes.

Currently the mini Wi-Fi camera is becoming very fashionable, a type of product that is very good since practically everyone today has smartphones that will help us to see live. This type of mini surveillance cameras is in the image and direct cameras section that you can find in the categories. They can also be hidden surveillance cameras for when the thief does not see where it is located and we can capture him without him noticing.

After these tips from our experience of more than 7 years, specializing in the sale of these devices, and having passed through our hands more than 300 hidden cameras we hope you will be able to buy the microcamera that best suits your needs. You can sort them by price and put the cheapest ones so that they appear first or select the aspect that is most important to you when selecting the most influential espionage article to make the decision. In any case you can always call us at our landline and we will be happy to advise you for free and above all without any commitment.

We leave you an example of a video of one of the dozens of mini surveillance cameras that we have in our spy shop:

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