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GPS Locators

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Tracers of people and/or cars locators,...

Knowing where is a person or vehicle at all times is what you need to know, so we have developed this specific category, so you can find out through these locators where you are at any time what you want to find out.

Do you have a car, van or even a fleet of trucks? Locators for car without installation

Well here you'll find these GPS that will let you know at any time, and from your own mobile or computer where it is. Look at the differences between each other, some are magnetized and are suitable for placing under the seats or other metal places, keep that in mind, we specify in each of them, notice that put magnetic locator.

Designed for motorcycles, cars, trucks, trailers and fleets of companies vehicles, you can know precisely what their tours have been for days and hours and without any kind of installation.

Thanks to a free app you can make the following, there are even some who have a spy microphone so you can listen at the right time just making a call.

Gps Locators for people (children, elderly, adults,...)

Is there anything more important than a child? What if he got lost? With a small GPS locator for children you will be able to know where your child is at any time. Find the most suitable in this section and you will feel really calm and without worrying.

The elderly, many of them due to problems of Altzeimer, lose the temporary space, that is why it is of paramount importance that they carry with them a GPS tracker so that you know at every moment where it is.

Animal trackers

Mainly dogs it is convenient that if we leave you in the field carry a tracker that allows us to know precisely where you are in the event you miss.

The Dogs move very quickly therefore the precision and autonomy are two aspects that we must take into account.

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