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Black Spray Coat with Motion Detection

Black Spray Coat with Motion Detection

Motion Detection

Video Audio Recording

Reduced Dimensions

Min 1 LUX illumination

Quality of the lens

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We present you with one of the hidden camera devices most demanded today in those cases where it is required to install an efficient spy equipment inside any room. A coat rack, a simple and traditional coat rack turned into a real work tool for detectives.

Nobody will feel its objectives recording, nobody will suspect that in this small and functional domestic device there is an advanced device capable of recording images with a resolution of 720x480 pixels, in addition, with the possibility of including a MicroSD card of up to 32 GB capacity that will allow the duration of the recordings to extend considerably.

But those are not all the advantages of this hidden camera, since it also has the ability to continue recording with good quality even in low lighting conditions and its operation is very simple, it will be enough to charge your lithium battery and to program its operation, either by manual recording or through the motion sensor, which will only activate the recording at the moment in which it detects any type of movement, making videos of 5 minutes each.

This is a very interesting option if what we are looking for is simplicity and efficiency in one, this is a device that offers very good results and we want you to take it into account.

Thanks to its internal lithium battery you can record 90 to 120 minutes continuously.

It is ideal to use it as a spy camera hidden in a coat rack inside a house or even an office, try it and let us know what you think!

Main Features Black Spray Rack

  • Video and Audio Recording Synchronized to 720x480
  • Manual Recording
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Use it as a Normal and Running Coat Rack
  • Has 2 Hooks to Hang the Jackets
  • Dimensions Clothes rack: 12 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm.
  • Minimum Lighting 1 LUX
  • Easy Use
  • Manual in Spanish
  • Shipping in 24 h. for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands
  • Discrete Deliveries

Package Content Spy Camera Rack with Motion Detector

  • Black Spy Cam Coat Rack
  • USB cable
  • Adhesive pad to stick the coat rack where we want
  • 2 screws and 1 support if we want to screw it to the wall
  • Instruction Manual in Spanish

Spy Coat Rack Instructions for Use

In this brief tuturial of the spy rack we will teach you how to handle it easily so that you can see that it has no greater mystery. Its operation is very simple, here is a simple guide of operations:

1. Upload

As soon as you receive the product, proceed to charge the internal lithium battery with any of the following methods:

a) Connect to the PC with the USB cable that we supplied

b) Use the adapter: We send you along with the package a power adapter to connect it to the wall. When charging, the green light will blink permanently. When the green light stops blinking it means that the charge is complete.

2. Full-color Manual Video On / Recording

Please check that a microSD card is inserted in the slot slot of the Rack. Put the "ON / OFF" button in the ON position, keep the button pressed, after it is illuminated by 4 flashes the green LED will mean that you have entered in STANDBY MODE. When the green button is lit continuously, press the button briefly, the green light will flash once and then turn off, this means you are recording a video.

3. Motion Detection Recording

Verify that you have inserted the microSD card in the Slot slot of the Rack Put the "ON / OFF" button in the ON position, keep the button pressed, after it is illuminated by 4 flashes the green LED will mean that you have entered in WAITING MODE. Press the button twice in rapid succession, the green light will flash three times and then turn off, this means that you have just entered MOTION DETECTION MODE. When the spy hitch detects a movement that passes through your camera, it will automatically record for 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes it does not detect any movement again, it will save this video in the microSD card and as soon as it detects movement again, it will record another 5 minutes.

4. Off

Putthe button in the OFF position

Video Resolution: 720x480
Frames per second video: 30FPS
Graba Audio y Video Conjuntamente SI
Video Format: AVI
Visión Nocturna NO
Grabación Programable: NO
Grabación Cíclica No especificado por fabricante
Visual angle of the pictures: 90 grados
Grabación Continua: SI
Función Detección de Movimiento SI
Toma Fotografias NO
Grabación por Detección de Sonido: NO
Tipo de Tarjeta Memoria: Memoria MicroSD
Memory: Soporta Tarjetas MicroSD de hasta 32GB
Includes lithium battery recharges automatically when connected to PC USB: SI
Autonomía Batería Aproximada: 2 horas
Charging time of battery: Alrededor de 3 horas
Battery Capacity (mAh): 300 mAh
Graba Conectado a la Corriente: No especificado por fabricante
Estampación de Fecha y Hora en los Videos SI
Operating Systems: Todos
Product Height (mm): 120
Product Width (mm): 35
Product depth (mm): 15
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