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Spy microphones

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Wireless Stereo Microphones, choose the most appropriate

If you are interested in buying spy microphone in this section we will put you the selection of espionage products that can best adapt to your need.

In many films we see several types of professional microphones, from the typical wireless microphone that people adhered to the body carry so they can listen from another place, with multiple cables and others, to another type of more sophisticated microphones. Nowadays these devices can be placed without making so much type of wiring thanks to the GSM microphones.

First of all, define what a spy microphone is; we can indicate that it is a hidden micro somewhere, be it the house, the work, the vehicle, placed to another person, etc., where we can listen live, from our cell phone or as a second option that is recorded, everything that is speak in that place where we have located it.

So we can talk about two types of wireless microphones, those that we listen to with our mobile phone live, and those that are recorded on the device itself and then we have to pick up to listen.

The second type of devices we wanted to put in another category called Voice Recorders and Sound hidden and you can find many options.

In this category we will focus on the first type of devices, ie in the ghost spy, gsm, wifi, wireless or as many people know spy microphone for mobile or to listen through your mobile.

This type of devices are characterized because we must put a SIM card with an associated number. So what we will do is install it on the device itself and call that SIM number that we have entered in the spy microphone. On the third ring tone, the device will automatically go off-hook and what we will do is listen live what happens in that place where we have put the mini spy microphone.

They also usually work in the following way that is by sound detection, this means that when you hear a sound higher than so many decibels, the spy wireless microphone will automatically call you at the number you associate with. So you can listen live at the right time. It will work for your smartphone whether you use Android or iPhone, it is indistinct.

Imagine for a moment that you are going to work, leave a hidden spy microphone near the door of your house inside your house, a thief enters and closes the door. By listening to those decibels you will call your mobile and you can listen live if this happens.

This can also have many uses such as discovering an infidelity. You would not be the first to call us to tell us that thanks to a hidden microphone spy at a distance to discover the infidelity suffered.

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