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Spy Keychains

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Spy Keychain how to choose the most appropriate

In this category we have gathered all the spy keyrings we have in our spy shop. They are more than 7 years trying different types of spy keyrings and here we expose those that seem most suitable for our customers. The fundamental difference that is reflected in the price is due to the different characteristics of each spy keychain. We found from the traditional spy keychain at a very good price / quality, with which we will obtain an image and acceptable quality, even another type of key fobs that record in high definition and even some of them have night vision.

It is very important that we bear in mind that the key rings are small, generally with a maximum size of about eight centimeters so that we can easily carry them in our pocket. Engineers have to look for mini cameras and small electronic components to put them in these devices, the big problem is the autonomy of battery, as unfortunately enter batteries of about 300 mAh that will give us approximately 90 minutes of autonomy more or less .

The keyhole camera even if they have the motion detection mode is the autonomy that will have recording image and sound, it is important to keep this in mind before telling us when buying a spy camera keychain. Motion detection will help us save space and memory card capacity consumed but it will not help us to increase battery life, we must take it into account.

The spy camera is key to carry it in your pocket and whenever you need to record a moment, take it out and hold it in your hand or leave it on a small table and record that precise moment. Its operation is usually simple, usually have a power button, power off and activation and another mode change. Our recommendation is that for a few days tests are being conducted to be able to be fluent in its operation, and so when the appropriate moment of recording arrives, in a couple of seconds we have our mini keyhole camera activated as efficiently as possible.

Some of the key rings spy also has night vision this is important to record in low light conditions because short distances will help us in our recording. Logically, as small devices are small infrared but that will give us help to visualize in the dark. Look at the features of each spy camera keychain to see if it has this feature.

The way to put them to our keys is simple, some already have a ring and those who do not wear it must use the ring of our keys to introduce them and thus pass as a normal and ordinary keychain.

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