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The Spy Store specializes in the online sale of hidden surveillance cameras as well as other spy products. We are a pioneering online shop in the sector. With more than 9 years of experience, more than 10,000 satisfied customers and the best catalog of micro spy cameras on the market, we can ensure that we are the best choice when it comes to looking for a spy camera.

In we have a goal, that you find the best product adapted to your needs. Thanks to our spy cameras, you will be able to know what happens when you are not present, always in the most discreet way. Yes, with the spy equipment on our website, you will feel like a real agent 007. Any spy gadget you can think of you will find it among our products.

Which is the best spy camera

We know that it is not easy to choose the best spy camera, but our experience can help in that. In our spy House we can help you and clarify all the doubts that may arise, without any commitment and with total freedom and discretion.

Easily find the spy camera you need

To make things even easier, we have divided the hidden cameras by sections. It will be much easier to find the one that interests you. You can navigate in a lot of different sections, with products like the typical spy watch, spy goggles, spy pen or spy cameras for car. Yes, we also have mini spy cameras hidden in objects, or lenses to make a spy camera and place it in the place that you choose.

Each case is different, and each situation requires different spy products. Thus, we have also made a classification in different sections so that you can relate the problem you want to find out the right products. You will have espionage products for mobbing or school bullying, for infidelity, security camcorders to monitor who comes in and out of your house or office and a myriad of other situations.

You will also find a classification by places. Think about where to place the hidden camera and you will be able to choose models adapted to spaces like the garage, your office or company, in the home or maybe a team that you can carry yourself.

Spy camera autonomy

Most of our spy cameras are wireless and autonomous. This means that they have their own autonomy and it is not necessary to connect them to the current to be recorded. What's more, we have spy cameras with WiFi that you can connect to your smartphone to be able to view the recording in real time. However, if you need your spy camera to record for days, it is ideal that it is connected to the current while recording. Yes, we also have those types of models. And best of all, don't forget that the price ranges are wide, so finding cheap spy cameras won't be a challenge either.

Advantages of buying in

Choosing to buy a spy camera on our website is also to choose many unique advantages. For starters, our shipments will arrive in 24/48 hours in a totally discreet way. The packages do not have any reference to the spy cameras. Also, if you prefer, you can pick it up in a NACEX office, so no one will know about your order.

All products from our online shop are guaranteed for 2 years. We also ensure a 100% satisfaction; If you're not satisfied, we'll pay you back.

We have manuals in Spanish, made by ourselves. Yes, for our company every Micro camera is a challenge, they are all different. For this reason we like to know the product and try it. This is how we can develop the best user manuals.

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